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A05 Single-molecule level elucidation of elementary reaction processes on dust surfaces         using single-molecule surface spectroscopy

Molecular clouds consisting of gas and dust give birth to stars and surround them are primitive planetary disks that are the mother of the planets. The playground of structural formation from molecular clouds to primitive planetary disk formation is also for molecular evolution, where chemical reactions occur very actively. In particular, understanding elementary surface processes (adsorption, diffusion, desorption, and decomposition) of molecules on dust surfaces is crucial to understanding the full extent of molecular evolution. In traditional interstellar chemistry, theories have been constructed using models based on physically simple assumptions in cryogenic environments. However, recent observations have shown that chemical diversity in molecular clouds has been transferred to the planetary system formation region, and further chemical processes occur. Therefore, observations point out the importance of a rich chemical reaction process resulting from thermal excitation from cryogenic to intermediate (10–300 K), and understanding based on the nature of matter and molecular scientific knowledge is becoming essential. This study aims to reconstruct the theory of material evolution in the universe by using real-space observation and surface spectroscopy at single molecular and atomic levels to reconstruct the basic theory of surface reactivity in a wide range of temperatures from cryogenic to intermediate temperatures.


A05 Project Group Leader : Hiroshi Imada

RIKEN Pioneer Research Headquarters

Kim Surface Interface Science Laboratory, Senior Researcher

今田 裕
Hiroshi Imada


Group Leader, Observation and Analysis of Unimolecular Reactions

数間 恵弥子
Emiko Kazuma

University of Tokyo

Observation and Control of Single-Molecule Reactions by Optical STM

金 有洙
Yousoo Kim

University of Tokyo

Fabrication and evaluation of dust model surfaces

杉本 宜昭
Yoshiaki Sugimoto

University of Tokyo

Observation and analysis of surface elementary processes by AFM

清水 智子
Tomoko Shimizu

Keio University

Evaluation of dust model surface by STM

日髙 宏
Hiroshi Hidaka

Hokkaido University

Real-space measurement of ice surface structure by AFM

香内 晃
Akira Kouchi

Hokkaido University

羽馬 哲也
Tetsuya Hama

University of Tokyo

[The 2nd Public Research Leader]

[The 1st Public Research Leader]
"Understanding the Adsorption and Catalytic Reaction Process of Molecular Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide on Single Crystal Silicate Mineral Surfaces"

柘植 雅士
Masashi Tsuge

Hokkaido University

[The 2nd Public Research Leader]

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