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A03 A Model of Molecular Evolution at Intermediate Temperatures Based on Elementary         Reactive Processes in the Gas and Solid Phases

Recently, ALMA made it possible to spatially resolve the central region of a few hundred au radii (i.e. several times the size of the solar system) around a low-mass protostar. This region is of special interest not only for the star formation processes but also for the chemical evolution of interstellar matter to ingredients of planetary systems. We have been investigating this chemical evolution by combining the reaction rate equations with realistic physical (e.g. radiation-hydrodynamics) models of star- and planetary-system formation. In the intermediate temperature range of 10 K to 300 K around protostars, various chemical reactions which are not active in the conventional interstellar chemistry at 10 K play important roles by overcoming activation barriers and diffusion barriers on grain surfaces. Branching ratios of reaction products are also expected to change as a function of temperature. Elucidation of such reaction rates and branching ratios at intermediate temperatures is a new frontier in theoretical chemistry. It requires not only the potential energy surface but also the reaction dynamics. In this project, experts on astrochemistry modeling, quantum chemical calculations, and astrophysical hydrodynamics will collaborate to construct a next-generation astrochemistry with quantitative predictability in a wide range of temperatures.


A03 Project Group Leader :

Yuri Aikawa


Department of Astronomy

Graduate School of Science,

The University of Tokyo

相川 祐理
Yuri Aikawa

University of Tokyo

Group Leader, numerical calculations of chemical reaction networks

古家 健次
Kenji Furuya

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

Numerical Modeling of Gas-Solid Phase Interaction

高柳 敏幸
Toshiyuki Takayanagi

Saitama University

Quantum chemical calculation

山崎 祥平
Shohei Yamazaki

Hirosaki University

Quantum chemical calculation

吉田 直紀
Naoki Yoshida

University of Tokyo

Radiative fluid calculation

花輪 知幸
Tomoyuki Hanawa

Chiba University

Radiative fluid calculation

渡部 直樹
Naoki Watanabe

Hokkaido University

立川 仁典
Masanori Tachikawa

Yokohama City University

[The 2nd Public Research Leader]

奥村 雅彦
Masahiko Okumura

Japan Atomic Energy Agency

[The 2nd Public Research Leader]

田地川 浩人
Hiroto Tachikawa

Hokkaido University

[The 1st Public Research Leader]
"Theoretical investigation of photo-induced and cosmochemical reactions by direct ab initio MD method"

Sameera W. M. C.

Hokkaido University

[The 1st Public Research Leader]
"Quantum Chemical Determination of the CO"

堀 優太
Yuta Hori

Tsukuba University

[The 1st Public Research Leader]
"Quantum Chemical Exploration of the Formation Process of Amino Acid Homochirality in Interstellar Space"

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